Math DragOn

An intuitive calculator that can perform symbolic calculations.

About Math DragOn

Math DragOn is an application that combines the ease of a portable calculator with the power of a smartphone. The app features a  very intuitive way of entering calculations with drag-and-drop using the touch screen of the smartphone. The calculations can not only be approximated, like a regular calculator would do, they can also be evaluated symbolically. For example: calculating the derivative of x2 will give a nice 2x as result.



The following screenshots give an idea of what the app looks like. The three screenshots below show the input screen.


The next three screenshots show an exact answer, the keyboard and the screen with your favourite formulas.




Math DragOn is available for free at the Google Play store. There is no intention to make money with this app, so there are no in-app purchases or ads and there won't be any in the future.

Link to Math DragOn in the Google Play store.

Open source

Math DragOn is open source, so the source is available under the LGPLv3 license. See for the source code (and to participate).


All feedback is very much appreciated, so please feel free to leave a comment on this page.

Made by Team Infinity

The first version of this app was made by Team Infinity as a project for the University of Utrecht. The team members: Mark Kamsma, Arian van Putten, Folkert van Verseveld, Ivor van der Hoog, Bas van Rooij, Glenn Stewart and Tim de Jonge.



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