Online JavaScript course

A free Dutch online course in JavaScript.
The online JavaScript course is only available in Dutch.


About the online JavaScript course

Back in school I got the assignment of writing a course for JavaScript that was to be used the next year in computer science class. I chose to do so in the form of a website. I was quite happy with the result and decided to put it online myself. So since then the course is available online for free.


The website features a Playground which allows the user to test out his new acquired JavaScript skills directly in his browser. Furhtermore it features 10 chapters starting at the absolute beginning, becoming more and more advanced as one progresses. Each chapter comes with a few exercises to practice with the material.

Just plain JavaScript

The course is about plain JavaScript. That means that no attention is given to specific frameworks or libraries. Of course, those are easy enough to learn from their own tutorials once one has the necessary basics of JavaScripts down.


The course can be found at the following URL:



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