An artificial intelligence capable of playing connect 4 perfectly.
This program is only available in Dutch.


About IntelliCon

IntelliCon stands for "intelligent connect 4". It is a connect four game for the computer. IntelliCon is the result of a schoolproject (the "profielwerkstuk", that is the Dutch equivalent of a thesis for high school). The goal was not only to create a connect four game, but to create an artificial intelligent opponent that can play the game perfectly. As playing against a perfect player may become boring fast, other difficulties have been added.


Perfect player

IntelliCon features a so-called perfect player. That means that it can always choose the absolute best move there. This means that if IntelliCon is the red player (the player that starts the game), it will always win the game. When IntelliCon plays yellow you can theoretically win (for example, let IntelliCon play against itself). However, one tiny mistake will cost you the game as the first move can already determine the outcome of the game.


IntelliCon is completely free. You can download the program here. You can download it as a ZIP file, in which cas you have to extract the entire ZIP file to some directory of your choosing and then run IntelliCon.exe to play the game. The other option is to download an installer which installs IntelliCon for you and adds a shortcut so you can run it as any other program.

Download ZIP file


Download installer


Open source

IntelliCon is completely open source and available under the GPLv3 license. This roughly means that you can use and edit the code freely, as long as these changes are published under the same license. The code can be found on GitHub.


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