A simple, easy-to-use calculator program.

What is Dalculator?

Dalculator is a simple, easy-to-use program. Calculations like (1+2)*3 are done without any effort by simply typing them in Dalculator and hitting Enter. The screenshot below demonstrates this.


Built-in functions

Dalculator comes with popular mathematical functions, like the cosine, sine and tangens. These are only examples of the many functions that are built in Dalculator. It is also possible to add your own functions so that you do not have to fully enter calculations you have to do often every time.

Calculations with time

It is often a challenging task to do calculations when time is involved. For example, what time is it two and a half hours after 13:50? Using Dalculator this can be done easily, by typing 13:50 + 2:30 you directly get the answer: 16:20.


Dalculator is completely free. You can download the program here.



Open source

Dalculator is completely open source and available under the GPLv3 license. This roughly means that you can use and edit the code freely, as long as these changes are published under the same license. The code can be found on GitHub.


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