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All sorts of fun or useful computerprograms, most of them are even opensource!

A simple, easy-to-use calculator program to quickly do a wide variety of calculations.



IntelliCon is a connect-4 game and is the result of a school project about arteficial intelligence.


Using passwordGenerator you can easily generate very secure passwords. This program was originally intended as an example of how to create a GUI.


This is just a digital board and some digital pieces including some nice extra features like reviewing moves and saving/loading of games.


Apps that I've made for smartphones, tablets or Google Chrome.
Math DragOn

An Android app with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to enter calculations that can be solved symbolically.


PuzzleSlider is a simple, but fun puzzle game for Android. It's available for free at Google Play.


Interesting mathematical texts that I liked to share.
There or no projects (yet) of this type...


Websites that I've made as a hobby or for customers.
Online JavaScript course

Using JavaScript you can make a more dynamic website or even write games. This free Dutch course teaches you the basics of JavaScript.


The website for the korfball club Midlandia.

Mental Design

A website to support the psychology book Mental Design.


Miscellaneous creations I found worth mentioning.
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I love receiving feedback for the creations and projects on this page. So, if you've encountered a bug, if you've a suggestion or if you simply really like something, then I'd love to hear that!
You can give feedback by placing a reaction on the page of the creation, or by contacting me using the contact-form on the homepage.


Most of my projects are opensource. This does not only mean that the code is freely available, but also that you can contribute to the further development of these projects. In case you'd like to do so, please contact me (using the contact-form on the homepage).
In addition, if you've started a project that's using (parts of) one of my projects, I'd like to see what your creating!