My papers, slides, notes and other mathematical creations.


Papers and preprints.
Type space functors and interpretations in positive logic
Preprint, 8 May 2020.arXivExpand abstract
The Kim-Pillay theorem for Abstract Elementary Categories
Preprint, 29 February 2020, updated 13 May 2020.arXivExpand abstract

Talks and slides

Talks and the corresponding material.
Type space functors in positive model theory
Poster for the Topics in Category Theory 2020 spring school.Poster (PDF)Expand abstract
A category-theoretic version of the Kim-Pillay theorem
Slides used for my talk at the BPGMTC20 and the British Logic Colloquium 2019.Slides (PDF)Expand abstract


Miscellaneous notes and pieces of mathematics.
Finitely short AECats
Short note translating some standard tools in model theory to AECats. PDFExpand abstract


My theses.
Classifying Topoi and Model Theory
Master's thesis about classifying topoi and connection to model theory. Supervised by Jaap van Oosten, at Utrecht University.PDFExpand abstract
The Logic of Unprovability
Bachelor's thesis about Gödel's incompleteness theorems. Supervised by Jaap van Oosten, at Utrecht University.PDFExpand abstract


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