Welcome to my personal website.

As a hobby, I have always been building programs, websites and apps. So it is no surprise that I completed a bachelor Mathematics and Computer Science at Utrecht University. After that I chose to continue in mathematics, so at the moment I am in the process of obtaining a master's degree in Mathematics at Utrecht University.
The creations (both software and mathematical) I wanted to share can be found on this website. So feel free to look around in my portfolio, and maybe you will find something fun, interesting or useful!

To contact me you can use the contact information on the right side of this page.

New website

It took some time, but this summer I was finally able to finish this website. So from now on the new site is online containing all my projects and other things I want to share.

Complete post


Feel free to contact me for any questions, for example about this website or one of the projects in my portfolio. Also, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated!

You can send an e-mail to: mark@markkamsma.nl
You can also use the form below.